Thursday, 20 December 2012

Option left

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it comes down to one of the things that matters most to me,a relationship.And it reminded me that we can do beautiful things every day. Be nice. Give what you can as much as you afford to do.Happiness can't be travelled to,owned,earned,worn or consumed.It is the sacred experience of every moment with love and gratitude.There is always something to be thankful for and for some reason to love.

Little things in life that means a lot .I found relationship its about learning and absorb all the knowledge you can.I appreciate the lesson I gained throughout my broken heart phase and new relationship I embarking into.The experience is my best teacher.Relationship itself taught me over the course of time.I live it my way with no regrets.Its my choice and actions.Eventually it rewards me.

I never realized my true strength until being strong is the only option left when I had my heart been broken again.Pain doesn't just show up in my life for no reason.Its a wake up call that guides me towards a better future.Its a sign that something needs to change.For as long as there is a dream,there is hope.There is joy in living.

I constantly surround myself with thoughts of what I want to achieve.I let the big thoughts encourage and inspire me to connect with my dream.I know I deserve to live a life that I really want and love.Think little goals and win big success.It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who I really am today.The braver I become,the stronger than I seems to be.Its often better to be kind than to be right.I don't always need an intelligent mind that speaks,its takes a great deal of strength.

Though I try to remind myself that I'm doing the best I can, I've been struggling to accept the fact my relationship seems not working.I can't bring sunshine to the live of others.I just think I can't anymore.


Anonymous said...

I can tell you've been through a lot. You even have a blog to channel your thoughts, feelings and disappointment. Sometimes, moving on does not mean you have to forget the person who left you or shattered your heart,its more than that. Moving on is more like clicking a refresh button in our life, its the time where we embrace our inner greatness.the more you appreciate yourself the better you understand yourself. This is important because if you understand your self better then you will have a clear aim, less vagueness, better a decision making and most importantly the courage to move yourself out of your safe zone. To me the whole point of moving on or forward is simply drive yourself to a new direction and fixing yourself to be better as a person. I believe you're doing it each and everyday. Remember, never give the satisfaction to anyone by allowing them to see or make you suffer, you stand up for your happiness. Don't wait for happiness to cone, create one today. One of the biggest lessons i learned in life is success & happiness is the best revenge. That's all from me, I hope in some ways I could help you with my compulsive comments. Oh yes, maybe the one happiness you're looking for is not that far, it could be in front of you.look harder not with your eyes but with with your wise heart.

Akmaelinda said...

Dear you,

its really thoughtful for you to give such advise.Thanks a mil.I must agreed with you.I have to stand up for happiness.its really sickening to be on that track for years and years.Wish u merry christmas and happy new year.God bless.