Sunday, 22 June 2014

Happy Sunday

I love that quote so much and think about it often when I am going thru hard times.  I also think about the struggles I have had in life and realize that whatever I am going thru or have gone thru, there is always someone else struggling alot more than me.  I have a wonderfully blessed life.  Blessed with wonderful parent and amazing bunch of friends who helped me a lot to go through again my heart break. Life has many bumps in the road and these are just a few that are in our path right now.

This week will be the last hoorah weekend to spend before Ramadhan starts. I am all excited to go for terawikh and break fast with those who matters most. Plus this year will be my second birthday celeb during the ramadhan month and my bestie who stays in San Francisco is coming back to celebrate with me again! So much of excitement to share in July..

Anyway, I finally tender my resignation two weeks ago after 4 years of service with the Bank.  It took a long time for me to get to the point where I was ready to submit my letter and leave my comfort zone. I have to explain to my two immediate bosses and also my executive director banking reasons for me to leave.It was tough for me to decline their offer to counter back.To be honest, I had no major issues with anyone in the Bank and enjoying my work so much. I love my job and people around me. Everything was smooth sailing and there were so many things I wanted to share in my next post on my current job.

I am so blissfully happy doing what I love now, what I feel inspired by, and those moments make every difficult task I have to conquer, every hour of stress and frustration, completely and entirely worth it. Even when it's hard, I'm spending my time doing what I love and that's something I love being a Relationship Manager in this Bank.

Its just after a while, I thought of switching my job scope from being in Corporate Banking to Treasury. Totally different from what I am doing now. From writing credit papers to writing and commenting on bonds market- well more on analysing market economy. In fact, I have to take two licenses in order for me to be in this line. Well it's time to move on to a better future with the new organisation this September. I can't wait to adapt and look forward to start my new job. InsyaAllah. Few pictures to share over the weekend. Paintball with my colleagues and get together with my girls! Happy Sunday!