Friday, 9 May 2008


so long so little time and exam is finally over.although i have few papers which i seriously dissatisfied but all i can do at mo is tawakal.Allah please grant my doa to pass all the papers wit flying colours..well,now im officially MMMMMERRRRDEEEEKAAAAAAAA!

stop.merdeka as in i can escaped from academic books,dragged myself to library which i always spend more time coffeing then study and pening kepala nak study!alasan!oh akma akma.again,thanks alot for all the wishes and im relieved.
i have several books to read.bridesmaid,bad behaviour,take a look at me now and shopaholic sister.current mission okayh besides waiting for the summer sale.on the 19may,will be leaving to manchester to visit deena.heee;p.cant wait!nak jumpa boipren.rooney.ha ha.
balik msia?its a secret.aysha dear,incase u read this,i nak surprise u.biar u terkejotttt and the girls!!ok,will update more.btw,my classmate iskandar is going bck for 5 months.melampau btol.holidays 3 months jer kot..fairy and i surely gonna miss him coz ke-sacarstic-an dier.
ok la..will update later and later:)


fAirY said...

yeah yeah... i'm gonna miss him only! hahahahaa.. of course i'm gonna miss u too! :)

can't wait to go back and lepaking with u in kl pulak.


shle3pyb4by said...

hey there!! :)

been a while eh? anyway, just thought that i would stopped by and say hello! :)

hmm, so off the school at the mo' eh? probably, one fine day for coffee; with me, fairy would do fine. :)

take care girl!

akmaelinda said...

to gee:

yes,we should have a coffee session!

to fairy:
u miss iskandar?nooo way.u sure missing me coz u have no datin paduka seri to kaco.dun u?ha ha

The Juicy Bunny said...


You are back. How was exams?

When are you coming back here to Malaysia?