Tuesday, 28 October 2008

28 October


my oh my. i got to c my rindu-nak-mati bestie through webcam after a longgg wait . never had the session with her before but unfortunately we only took few mins coz she has "mengumpat session" with my one and only princess gedik,yuyu.*yu,awak kacau ok* so eager to know what gossips they were having yesterday.pfft.IM JEALOUS girls.geddit?well gfs,one year to go and we can have it everyday!to yuyu,awak blom berwebcam dgn saya!
i miss u girls tons.


alhamdulillah after all the doa and solat,im relieved now.all the serabots over my head i shall delete.yes,im moving on.getting over and done!Allah has a good plan for me and hope everything will go smoothly.im glad myself being very patient to handle all those negative feelings.

p/s:pls watch 5 jingga to those who love cheerleading!i sukaa gels:))i enjoy watching it though and do enjoy the song ok.i keep on listening it for hundreds times.classic!


yuyu aziz said...

hey hey u taktau ka i wrote 5jingga but they didnt put up my name coz i tulis 2 episode je! hahahb boon siang n yuen deserve the credit! nyways, anotha work of mine Kasut Tumit Tinggi will be on ASTRo also directed by Yuen, double visions! ;) yippie!

ps: puas aku ngn aysha ngumpat kau! ;p teehee ;p