Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Freaking cold

oooohh snappp!

was 1 degrees this morn.freaking cold like heyylo i tot winter is in few weeks time..heh.London was snowing though!pedeg and shaqy babeh told me they jakon kejap.nizam pun bitau dundee snowing.heh.pelik kan?oh well,kuasa one can challenge it!oh yea,i just cant believe its nearly to november.halloween in another few days.still figure out what to wear.last year i was the bunny dummy this year probably i might be the lil miss devil or mak cik nurse.heh.papa will kill me if he knows i wear dat on halloween.
hot milo sounds good now.i had my sambal ayam and nasi goreng for my dinner today.home cooked ok!saja nak flaunt!craving for brownies chilis.hish.