Thursday, 23 October 2008

I don't Love u aint more.

For years,i suffered for loving someone who hit me,slap me,hurt me,ruined my future,burden me with many problems and dun even bother what is going on with us.

For years,i scrutinized my happiness just to be with him while i know i would never be happy.

For years,i was waiting for someone who can make me happy during my birthday.he did not.just not.

For years,i refused to open my heart and let my broken heart cure but i still cant.

For years,i lied to mama the fact he hit me.

For years,i couldnt believe that im still thinking of him,missing him,intentionally replying his sms and picking up his calls.

For years,all the harsh words came from him is like nothing to me.

For years,i am silly.silly and silly.

and for the 1st time i BURRIED my feelings towards him.5 years aint a small number but i can't live in denial that the fact i am loving someone who hurts me.

its time for me to move on.not to say im ready for the next relationship,i want to become matured as my papa's wish.

i have enuff.


aysha azman said...

dear i knoe how u feel rite now...u b strong k syg...ething will b ok..there's no use luving sum1 who really doesnt knoe how to appreciate u..u still young...mbe he dunt deserved u...u take always b with u..luv u..

akmaelinda said...

thanks dear:)

Suehaida said...

hai akma...=)

nape sedih2 ni..takpe..sabar k..
biasala life...tapi akma perlu tau
yang akma akan jumpa jugak yang terbaik utk akma doakn..

sama2 doa untuk sama2...

take care dear..(^_^)