Saturday, 25 October 2008

Last week of Syawal:(

Sad isn't?
Raya's weekend ends this week so there is no more *open hse*.oh well,life must go on.spoke to papito and mamito this morning.oh well usual chats.updating anak-beranak.papa currently bz with his thesis and mama working on computer skill training..This semester is very crucial for me.i expecting tons of assigment and loads of work.

I have to juggle up with Irish Tax which much more complicated than Malaysian Tax.Finance II which make me blur a sec before undertstand the whole idea plus FR which need me to read.5 subjects arent easy*sigh*.Urghh. I'm trying my best to look at things in a different light but my emotions are overclouding me!Ya ALLAH,i need extra guts here.Amin.

Yet,i am still homesick.Can u imagine although i have tons of masalah,i cannot hide my sickness.I always wish i wake up and Ma is in the kitchen preparing the breakfast and Pa is gardening.Hurm.I miss going shopping with Ma and lunch out with her.She is a person i can like "Ma,jom pegi makan then kiter jalan-jalan(hint for shopping)" and she will like "ok,bole".simple.bonding session almost every weekend and she is a bestfriend to me,no other words could define it.

I feel like going home now.oh enuffff!!i think im too much at this point.better get going.i have weekend sleepover at jervis.tomorrow is their open hse.i jadi maid okaaayh.heh.

taaa LOVE!

P/S:missing way.deleted it.

adik misses u Ma!