Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Over the weekend,my schedule was so pack with open hse*free food* and yada yada.i dun even have time to update my black book.duth.plus internet connection at my new place suckies all the time.NTL patot di banned.Papa and mama rang me almost everyday coz they miss to webcam with me which made me felt guilty.i should have the initiative to online sumwhere..oh akma,dat is so lame excuse.besides abandoning parents, yuyu and berg complained i didnt online and broke the promise.im sorryyyyyy darlings.i tried to catch up the two of u later.there r so many things to talk about.its just the matter of time.time time:((

Despite open hse and internet connection,im having tough days now.i seriously need guts from Allah to move on.some s*** happened and im working out my butt to beristighfar & bersabar byk coz obstacles comes all the time.too emotional to elaborate more.its just i believe in karma.what u did,u get back.

October will end in 15 days time.there r so many things to go through.i guess patience will pay.

ttyl then.this song dedicated to all my lovies.

miss sgt:)