Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Cinta hati,PAPA

a PAPA to me and little cousin,Hanis plus the monkey cousins.a loving PAPA who loves me more than the others(cousins)sorry,im the only girl:)).a PAPA who spoilt mama and i.a PAPA who smells like "kedai perfume".a PAPA who plays football and devoted himself into football.MANCHESTER yeay!a PAPA who wears pink and i loved when he wears pink.a PAPA who watches movies at home with me.a PAPA who taught me solat and recite Quran is the best way to live.a cool PAPA i can talk to him.
a PAPA who gives me millions of courage to study hard.a PAPA who told me smoking kills.sorry pa,adik is stubborn.a PAPA who top up my fuel and bising when its already kering within 2 days..a PAPA who studies late up at nite.kalah i!a PAPA who calls me everynow and then because he worried. a PAPA i respected most and none can replace him.
Happy 35th eyhhh 53 rd BIRTHDAY pa:)

adik loves u sgt.


Anonymous said...

u merokok lagi keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...eih, ingat you dah quit.xelok la pompuan meeerokok ni.x baik.

akmaelinda said...

i quit dah.sapa nie?

superumi said...

happy bday uncle =)
miss u girl sobs.

akmaelinda said...

thanks umi dear.i miss u alot than u can imagine!

to dat anonymous person:i know who u are.btw,tak baik menyibok hal org.

natasha said...

happy birthday uncle.:)