Monday, 24 November 2008


Yuyu and i was chatting about the bridal shower that we going to held in few years time.Yeah,its a hen nite for us and the girlfriends ter-chenta.The plan is to have the cards printed with wish list of the bride and theme color for the nite will be set.Likewise i choose Pink.hehehe.Sorry Pink taken;p.Yeay!i cant wait for the girlfriends to get married soon.Hence,my mak cik yuyu so excited to plan all this and siap bagi list receptions.Yu,saya doakan awak kawen cepats!im looking forward to c my best girlfriends yuyu,aysha,lala,umi,kema and the rest to tie knot.dah la i will miss syikin's big day next march.i dun want to miss all happy in package session:((

I was in Cork last weekend.a day trip which caused me millions of tears and stressed.Yeah,im still stress until now.Terrible feelings.Had great time at Kinsale,Cork.More pictures?Facebook will do.My emotion is unstable.A mixture all unnecessary feelings that bothering me since then. Really hope Alllah gives me guts to go through all this.Amin Ya Rabbal allamin.

and last Friday,i was invited to my fav ppl marlene birthday party at turks head(excuse the spelling).Marlene's 29th birthday was sweetly organized by her bf.sgt sweeeet pls!ok,the lady in the middle is my another favourite,rosaria.2 chikas who kept my secret of MR F.Happy birthday Marlene sweetie!
oh yea,this video is super sedih and inspired me though..greatest love story and no one can ever sacrifice this much.Its reminds me Papa,a person i would never stop loving him.I miss home.I miss Mama.I wish i can hug them vulnerable and all i need their hugs.

i need some beauty sleep now.haf my finance class and need to do laundry & buy groceries tmrw although i had online groceries shopping.Later then!

Taaa LOVE!