Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I had very bad flu-ish and fever-ish.went out for halloween but for only few hours and ended stranded at friend's place.Ali was here last weekend.apa-lah lagi,he brought my things which he tak bwk balik malaysia coz he missed his flight.boo hoo..so Acap,Fairy and i haf to entertain him last weekend.konons entertaining org london.fuh.we had so much FUN with ali especially making fun of him.well,Acap dragged all those "lame stories when we were in Uitm" which made me suckies all the time.heh;(

Oh yea,im not going for boxing day in london this year coz i have tons of assignment to be ready after christmas.i know i'll missed all those shopping heaven and tinggal one pound during last year's boxing day.heh.i have to "puasa shopping" for one year jer then im DONE!I need to working my butt and luck.Pls pray for me!

Finance class at 3pm.have to do some preparation.WACC is freaking hard to understand.still blur about coupun rate.yada yada.

I purposely didnt read & do my Audit and Tax homework waiting to be done.OMG*in the tone oooo--myyyy---gooood*Dah pandai takot.Hish.