Friday, 14 November 2008

A wasted reading week.

I had wasted my reading week though.Too bad cannot kawteem with all the topics im horrible at.haish.Now i feel bad about myself.Guilty coz not being a good daughter.Sorry Pa N Ma:(
Papa had blast birthday high tea at sunway hotel on his birthday and he is battling with final exam today.Good luck pa.

Meantime,do enjoy my weekdays tak der keja activities with friends:)

cik waed who didnt go to work:)

mr tall guy i rindu most.hahhaa.darragh,u wont understand this:)

need some beauty sleep now.exhausted sgt pls.taa then.


superumi said...

darragh, siapa dia? teman baru dihati u ke?

*aku speaking melayu ni coz takut darragh paham :P*

akmaelinda said... darling.friends ajer!