Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Basket of thoughts

Over the weeks i am freaking hectic with this and that.i didn't sleep 2 days back to catch up on my finance assignments.i became an owl and the awful thing is my eye bag getting worst.3 down and 2 more to go & done with the assignments.then have to start to struggle for the final coming up in may.shooooooooot.so i have 2 months and done.InsyaAllah i'll kick my ass to finish this course.

Valentine's Daay?Not that exciting except i went for a coffee with Fairy and Darragh.I got cuppies fr Fairy.Love it babe!Well we decided to swap pressie and i bought fairy Lulu Guinness pillow case.To all the friends,theVDAY card will smp anytime soon.sorry for the delay.I am truly sorry k.My parents pun tak dpt the card lagi:(

Then the weekend,the jervis girls had sleepover at my new place.Ok,i have moved to bigger hse.Plus i got twin bed on my own.Sukaaaa pls!The hse is just few mins away fr the old hse!yeay. the girls helped me to sort my things yg banyak and cooked.I seriously love the hse so muchos!Feels like home.Home sweet home:)Thanks u all!

What else i shall update?My best girlfriend,Fiza will anytime soon getting engage.Iskandar's family will send the proposal sometimes this weekend.Oh babe,im so happy for u.We have to do our last sleepover before u and Isk settle down.Besides Fiza,my high school bestie is getting married in May.Syikin's akad and reception will be held at Dewan Seri Endon, Putrajaya on the same day.She told me every details of her wedding and the pelamin by NasGreatIdea is superb.Syikin was so sad bcoz im not there to share the happiness.Kinnnnnnnn,I am sad too!I want to be there darling!

Oh the internet wasn't be able to connect since i moved 2 weeks back.I didnt have chance to webbie with papa and mama.Last saturday after the internet has functioned,i had 2 hours webbie session with them.Darn.I super homesick although my new hse feels like home.I just miss to be around with papa and mama(even i seldom at home).Hurm.Papa still pursuing his 3rd semesters and still wearing braces.hahaha.Did i tell u my dad wear braces for temporary.He is sooo cute though!I had long chat with him instead of with Mama.biasa lah 2 weeks of not talking to each other.

Fyi,im not going back for this summer.Im up to something and InsyaAllah im waiting for Pa & Ma to come over visit me.This year i'll b fasting in Dublin.So no more Bazaar Ramadhan.heh.Keropok lekor?In my dream jawabnyer la and I had short conversation with my cousin kak ni and nephew isaac yesterday.I was so excited to talk to them.Yes Kak Ani,adik loves u too alot!Pls fix the webcam so i can see isaac new brother:)

I better get going now.TTYL then!


The jervis girls:)

Cino Ice with Fairy


SyahirahSaid said...

makcikk! u moved? kat manee? umah lama u the new boys yg baru sampai masuk eh?

Juicy said...

Hey babe. Glad everything is fine there. Hee miss you :) Write more when you have time okay? BIG hug from Yan :D