Tuesday, 3 February 2009


It was freaking freezing since weekend.Yesterday was quite heavy snow in Dublin.Imagine after 2 years,baru nak ader snow which non stop since morning.Cool eh?Still im soooo jealous with Londoners because their heavy snow.Shaqqy siap baring-baring and tag me in the photo.pleaseeeee la.Jealous nak matis la-kan.Oh well,nothing much on weekend.Had great girls nite out mamas Yama and Bewleys with Fairy and Bun. Every weekend we surely had this session esp with fairy feroott..Tell u Bewleys just like Frangipani in Msia.That's why i loveee going there although Frangipani is wayyy wayy better especially the dine-in. Thats about it.Besides that,went pizza-ing with NCO,Naddy and Els too yesterday.I have too much PIZZA.gotta stop it or else tak jadi diet i!lols.Its a dawson's hse reunite before Nco going back for good this friday.All the best Nco!Oh im off to frankfurt this friday with Bun.Can't wait babeh!lil note to darragh incase u read this,i miss u alot.xoxox

p/s:Please justify missinggggggg.heh.this is so chronic epidemic.


SyahirahSaid said...

promise i jealous kemaaaaa. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa