Saturday, 28 February 2009

A note,


When I drove all the way fr Shah Alam to ur place to support u?
When I stumbled in front of ur house at 5am in the morning when u sulked that night?
When I caught u cheating and waited for someone at Hartamas?
When I almost skidded at the highway when i got news ur sister caught u with another girl?
When I received an email of ur picture from ur own friend?
When I was next to u when ur late mum was sick?
When I never let you down and be there when u need me?
When I sacrificed my classes to be with u?
When I did a surprised for you and u never thanked me for that?
When I brought u to IDP Australia and spoke to the representative which u supposed to do that?
When I waited for u for hours outside ur hse when u supposed to get ready when i arrived?
When I lent u my car and u purposely brought my car to c that girl?

When U hurt me?
When U hate me and crawled back?
When U realized I would never fall in love with anyone else except u?
When U sent me all the songs u played so i can get back to u?
When U said i cherish the love but u did not?
When U treated me like trash?
When U broke my dashboard?
When U have taken my precious time with my family?
When U envy i went shopping with Mum?
When U comparing me with other girls?
When U complaint im FAT?
When U slapped me?
When U wanted to hit me with the kayu?
When U let me down on my birthday?
When U couldnt careless what im doing?All u know is u and u and u?
When U said, "u always put priority on ur friends"

It hurts me.U burnt me in the big fire..
I have enough of crying,torturing myself.


Qilahlala said...

ohhh dear..jgn fikir sgt kayh.. know ure a strong girl..cheer up hun!!

Akmaelinda said...

thanks dear.dr dlu smp now,u r the best darlings ever!

yuyu aziz said...

yayang, no worries.... everybody ada dia punya ups n downs... i believe u r mature enough to make ur own decision. will support u in anything u do but plss... do not torture yourself. have a good life, and life will thank you for that.... *hugs*

aysha said...

hey dearrrrrrrr!!!
pls dunt stresssed urself bout it anymore....u dserve a better life with a better person...u take care plss...will always b with u...luv ya!!i knoe u r strong...

Juicy said...

Babe, things like this make us so sad. It will still make us sad eventhough if we decide to get back together with him. Cause all these will still bug us in head. The devil will always come to us eventhough when we are having good and happy time. It will come to bug us like this;

"hey, dont you remember he cheated on you before?"

So this memory is better to be left behind, sayang. Because no matter how hard we try to forgive him and forget, we cant do that. Forgive is possible. Forget is hard. It will bug you and disturb your happiness. So my advice, leave these memories behind and start a new life with a new guy.

Unless, you are ready to forget all these and get back together with him.

If me, i can't.