Thursday, 26 February 2009

Not anymore.

"She is no longer single,kick ass gf,my bonzai gf,pringles stocker,milo and 100 plus freezer,always merengek suroh dtg umah dier(subang and sk is sooo dekat la sgt kan),go kart single lady.She is taken.Babeeeeeeeeeee,susahnyer to let u go but i do happy for u and Isk..Hafizah,I wanna cryyyyyyyy now:(

ur babe yg always claimed she is the doll!i know u love me more.<3333>


Juicy said...

I am sooo happy for her. When is the engagement yea? Tell her I say "Congrats" :)

Akmaelinda said...

in sept and the akad in dec+reception.i sedihhh.i cannot be her flower girl!

Ijah said...

hey Yan..thanks. #D
InsyaALLAH all are invited.

Akma ,babe!! shish u almost make me cry at my work desk ni!!

shish....i terharu sgt. arrgh!! :)
*Hugs akma love!*