Saturday, 7 February 2009

So it was CANCELED

The trip was canceled last min due to some circumstances.I was so frustrated because after all looking forward to go to Frankfurt,Germany the plan has to be called off.Nak nangis la kan.Tak der rezeki thats what ive been telling myself.Ok,i better plan another trip to replace my dissapointment.Dundee maybe?Later that nite,was invited to Bobo & Man's (the brothers)place for supper(does bbq chicken and lasagna consider as supper?)Hehehe;p.

We had poker,ps3 game,made fun of each other,pics session and birthdays suprised for the bro's sister + acap.The brothers' sister came all the way fr liverpool to visit em.very petite and she looked exactly like my Jihan.Oh i miss her pot-petness though!Looking forward to hang out tomorrow after finishing MA assignments tonite.Wayyy to go.Alaaaa.I better kick my ass now.Sunday to mingle-mingle around.

Till then Lovies.No frankfurt this weekend:(


Fairy's pic in Frankfurt,place i supposed to go!Alaaaa:(

Man,Hezreen and Bobo

Acap was surrrpriiiised(with the tone saplais)

My gediks boys Din and Ayman

The bibik,Tasha


The girls

Isn't she looked like Jihan?

vain pic for today,

"havent shower yet.snif snif"