Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu

Miles away and i confused with feelings i have now.
Things have moved so fast
Everyday i would waiting and keep on waiting
Is it gonna happen or is it noT?
The question now how to make it happen?
Should i say it or keep it?
Am i too confused to differ?
Its being a while since i have this feelings.
ok im quiting this.falling is not i what i prioritize now.
this is so bothering me over and over again.
i want to strike best for FINALS.


Ya ALLAH, The almighty,
Bestow us perseverance and serenity,
i beg u for patience and please let me handle this feelings.


Juicy said...

Take it easy babe. Focus on your finals first OK. Love!

Anonymous said...

it is the nature of human to be afraid of something that they dont know,but then the truth is they should not be afraid of such things due to the fact that it does not happened yet,this may be sound illogical but then the concept of what im saying have few assumption including that it does not include the concept of being afraid to GOD,and also the hereafter.but then, it can be used to boost confidence in certain condition.example,when we did something,we will always be afraid of the effect of our decision due to choices that we had taken before.

we must remember one thing,in what ever we do we must be ready to accept the result of our action whether it is good or bad.this is becoz there always a reason why something had to happen but then, we are the one that have to resolve what it is.

"keep smiling and all the pain will go away"