Thursday, 5 March 2009

Talking about stress

I was extremelly stress+exhausted+dead working on my assignments.I slept at 6ish,woke up at 10ish and didn't sleep last monday to finalise the research.Fuhh.Alhamdulillah with non stop doa and support from loving Ma+Pa,my newly found friend(temani-ing me buat assignment with funny stories) and fairy my 2nd sayangs,i managed to siapkan.Heh.I am no longer sleeping next to laptop.The laptop was actually tdo next to me ;p.Well I have 1 more to go and exam coming up early May.Pls wish saya LUCK!

Despite all this hassle things,I keep on receiving good news from friends.Ok,everyone is settling down.All i heard is wedding bell.*Blink Blink* Referring to Fiza's statement.Oh well,I am truly happy for close friends who r getting married soon.No words can define my felicitous towards their wedding.Imagine we grew up together,from zaman comot and now nak jadi bride.Comel kan?Hehhhh.AKMA is so jealous because cannot doll up mase u girls nye wedding.Benci!geddit?hahahahaha;p

Oh yea, a friend of mine suggested me watching Lake House.I ended watching the movie with puffy eyes.eeeyy.Sgt la sedih pls.."Hish,u better watch my playlist movies i gave erk mistah coz i did watch ur sedih - nak - mati punyer movie!"Oh not forgetting i had my webbie session with Umi who is officially budak New Zealand.Shhhhish.Her house atas bukit okkkkkayh.Takkk aci!Lets skypyyy with others later.Lala,bukak skype bole?


I would to thank my sayangsssssss( where ever you are) for being such a supportive esp the previous entries.You know AKMA can be very emotionally distracted at times.Thanks sgt.Yan,Lala,Yu,Aysha and the rest,i love u all sgt.Nak kisss bole?Heh.Pervert.Muaxxx.

My comfy bed is calling now.Im getting beauty sleep tonite before jadi owl for another 3 days and keatas.Ya Allah,I need extra guts for all this.Amin.



Qilah Lala said...

muaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh saya kiss awak smpai basah habis nie hehe i reformat my lappie ari tu, so suma da hilang..later i download skype balik, i inform u k?? nak cium lagi?? muah muah muah hehehe

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Akmaelinda said...

lala ku syg:kiss u balik:)