Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Drama Queen ok myself!

London was so amazing.freaking fun i tell u!rofl.yes,there were so many things occured during my get away to be presiced mcm DRAMA TV3 ok?.

1.I missed my flight back to Dublin on saturday at 530pm because was so bz gossipping with aliaa and i made AIRPORT mcm my dad's.hahaha;p.Forked another 50 pound for flight back on typical me kena tinggal flight:P

2.Im Officially damaged and broke by going to Bicester Village for 2 days.I left 1 pound likewise.Went blastic and now makan nasi with garam after spending in London..Sorry papa.Hancurs.Those ppl yg kesian,pls make ur donation to my address in Dublin 8.Lols;p

3.I spent my london trip with zeileen,berg and sheera plus nina,adila,ammar,ali and aliaa.sorry shaq we cudnt mistake for not telling u my flight details.Yes,we spent most of time at Bicester Village and Oxford Street to shop.yes the reason to go twice because we arrived at 5pm on the 1st day which mmg tak cukup la decided to go again next day.

4.Nina's place in Canary Wharf super wow.i loved the poshy and sooo cantik.thank u for letting me crashing ur place almost a week.sorry for the mess if ader:)

5.My life has a bit conclude.No longer tears.Thank u Mama Papa for being place to shelter..Chewah like London is the beginning la kan.Adik has passed ur things to my friend.Hope u both love it.Happy Birthday Mama and Advance Father's day papa.

anyhow,these are pictures.More in Facebook la kan!

Them who left already.I miss all of u!*sigh*

My Aliaa Aqilah.Have to catch up with u in Dublin ok!Pls come!

Gift for Mama and Papa.Ok mampu Bicester punyer jer.

Hasil for the 2 days.Primark punyer ok lagi giler.Sorry berg because u have to bring everyone's bag.P/S:yuyu,pls be aware all this in December.awak kan nak dtg!

Later that nite went to Tinseltown.Sorry adila i couldnt join the Fabric session.

Obnoxious nyer kiter!

Adila:the co Pilot yg cantik:)

2nd day to Bicester.Imagine we woke up early to shop.Sumpah tak muat after 2nd day.we have to buka all paperbags and sumbat2.hish.

At westfield after Bicester(1st day)

Result for 2 hours wasnt that bad but smua org tak satisfied.

After having dinner on my 1st day at Nina's place, Canary Wharf.All full ok.

Thats all updates after a week in London.I safely arrived in Dublin.Thanks everyone for making an effort to remind me "JGN TERLEPAS FLIGHT LAGI ".

Ok,I will not do it again.


Drama Queen


yuyu aziz said...

tunggula sayaaaaaaaaaaaa! can't wait!!!
bagi e-mail, saya forward my itinerary!

Anonymous said...

check this out bila ada masa :)