Friday, 26 June 2009

Things happened with a good reason.This pic was taken 8 hours before i left for Dublin at Victoria Station in 2007.After 5 years bittersweet,we r no longer together.I am sorry for hurting u after these years,to leave while u need me next to u and reminisced things u have done.You was everything to me,my best friend,my enemy and reason to breathe.I believed Allah has better plan ahead for us.Im glad we r moving on with our life.Incase u came across this,THANK YOU for all these years together.I hope u'll get through things with determination.InsyaAllah u'll find someone to fill ur emptiness.

Adik and auntie angah,no words can define my love towards both of u plus Aishah.Life is always learning process.Ups and down.Thank u aunt for all these years u have became good mum,friend and auntie to me.Adik,Kak Akma will always love u as my sister.I know how much u miss ur Mama.I know how sad u r to go through all phases without mama.I wish im there for u.Regardless what happen,im here to hug u.


I am stepping forward and moving forward with new phase of life,experiencing new things everyday and found path to walk.Maybe its the right time now.After years ,i managed to decide whats best for me without any inference.Say,u bring joy to my life now:)

26 June 2009