Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Dearest Pak Wo

It has been a week since Pak Wo left.He departed last Monday at the age of 85.I cried when i got the news from Papa.I was shocked and astonished.The last time i spoke to him when he was admitted early this year.He was my close granduncle i ever have and yes,he was the one recommended me into the firm to do my internship without hand in any cv.He always wanted the best for me.

My dearest granduncle was former Setiausaha Polis Negara back in 1970s and he was supposed to be Ketua Polis Negara but shit happened when he decided to retired early.Very energetic and used to play hockey back in High School Malacca,stayed in London for years and business minded(too many).Married to Mak Wo Jasmin and Mak Wo Buruk(departed).Pak wo is my grandma's eldest brother out of 3 of them.He was known as Mohammad @ Mat Kuantong.Looking at Papa,he looks exactly like Pak Wo.Mata sepet and suka senyum:)

Pak Wo is like own grandpa to me.Remember i said,i never close to Papa's father which is my own grandpa?Pak Wo has played big role in my entire 24 years life.I sgtlah proud of him.I tak sempat nak ckp im finally done with my degree in Dublin.I know he will proud of me because he always there to support me in anyway.Pak wo,if u r here now,you are my inspiration.Thank you so much.May u rest in peace and Allah cucuri rahmat ke atas roh Pak Wo.Amin.

Anyway,i had long conversation with Liyana.Liyana's atuk was Pak wo's friend back in High School.Ok babe,i miss u.i dreadfully miss u and Amirah.Time has passed very quick.Not to mention our friends all getting married.When will be ours?Our dream dais and flowers?Heee.
Oh yea,im locked in the house.Boredom strikes.Yikes.Benci la.

Cant wait this july.My birthday is coming up soon.ok lagi 1 month and Fiza babe,will arrive in Dublin all the way from Malaysia on 13 July.Yeay!Ok i will treat u as my queen of bonzai ok?Is't possible to sumbat Nor inside ur lugage?haaaaaaaa..

Akmawantstotakeshower.Busok pls!



Princess said...

babbee..u dah habis degree? bila i nak habis belaja niee ? hmm..