Thursday, 25 June 2009

Still feel u here...,

I had long conversation with Papa and Mama this afternoon.Very long updates and u know lah "anak beranak talking".Pa just got his result.He passed with flying colours.Proud of u papapapapa!Good luck in ur next semester:)Btw,im getting my result next monday.Im praying for the best and hoping for miracle.InsyaAllah.Amin Ya Rabbal Al-amin.Still,im nervous.

Despite conversation with kesayangans,i had short conversation with Lukman(senior back in high school who is in Melbourne) before heading to Bewleys for coffee session.It has been lil while since Lukman and i met.So many things to catch up.Lets do it again ok Man ??I'll visit u in Melbourne one day when my pocket full with $$$.Hee;p

Well,after talking to Lukman just now,i suddenly feel Hilman's presence.To be honest my feelings has faded away.I know some may think im all over my ex but u have no idea how hard to cease him in my entire life.Alhamdulillah everything is grand now.Everyday i pray to Allah and lead me to better life.

Oh yea,spoke to Zam on the phone.We were on the phone for like almost 2 hours.After lil while we got to update here and there.While we were talking,shocking news hit us.MJ died.RIP legend.Sorry im not MJ's big fan since then.Lols.

Till then.

p/s:i loved the pic!classic kan?