Sunday, 20 December 2009

6 a.m

Daddyyyy rang me at 5 am while im still having beauty sleep.Sheeesshh,he asked me to ym-ish immediately because few relatives from Singapore came over to pay him a visit.Nothing like unconditional love kan?So I had to wake up and went online.I got to see my not so little cousin Ica after a while.She has grown up and so Fudaili.Hello cousins!Hope to see u more in future.

Here I am blogging while everyone is still snoozing.I took the opportunity to do my laundry since this evening we are expecting guests(Amy's auntie and uncle).I'll post some pictures later tonite.These couple of days,I have to bear the irish weather.Freezing sgt.It was snowing back on wednesday but not as much as UK.hampeh btol.I really hope to celebrate white christmas perhaps it will be my last christmas before heading back to kaaayyy ellll.Everyone is leaving:(

Yesterday,Fairy and I had put on Lush facial mask.blerrrrghhh,mcm tepung gomaaakkkk okay!

Till then lovies.