Monday, 7 December 2009

Remain faithful

There's always a good reason of things occured in life.I decided to take 14 days whether to remain faithful or leave it.I left 4 days before i take a step ahead.The past cannot be changed thats for sure but the past remain painful for the next years to come.There are certain things I have to consider before the final decision.Bad and Good memories.I really hope 2010 brings a new beginning of myself.

What has brought to attention is the Truth I have to face.I spent most of the time thinking what is the best for me and of course surrounded by wonderful and supportive friends,they want the best for me.Every time I came across the pictures,my heart skipped a beat.I despised the pictures and cursed it.My only question is how could you?The truth revealed one by one.Allah has shown me.

Having amazing parents,loving friends and family,made me want to retain beautiful life in future because everyone loves me.InsyaAllah.Why should i sacrifice my whole life loving someone who hurt my feelings?Convincing me,this wont happen again is not enough to promise me beautiful life ahead.I had the time of my life loving someone who jeopardised my trust.

I pray to Allah to lead me and give the best petunjuk in life,bestow me a strong heart because I need an extra strength.If we meant for each other,we remain forever and if its not,there will always be another destiny.Leading up to this day,I must say myself is still confused and work things out.I tried to avoid from talking about the past but the pain inside,only God knows.

Im feeling demotivated.In 4 days,anything can happen.The time will tell.InsyaAllah.


Ashikin said...

i am off to work so no time to read. ill read later honey. but i have a bonding session pics wif baby abel on my page. have a view! muahhh gtg to work. love u.

Anonymous said...

"As you're lying awake in this darkness,
This everlasting night
Someday soon
Don't know where or when
You're gonna wake up and see the light..."

- 'Ten Storey Love' Song by The Stone Roses

Akmaelinda said...

kin yayang,
i love u too.

to anoynymous,
eventually the song is not related to my condition now.thanks for dropping by anyways.