Friday, 11 December 2009

7 hours before..,

I left 7 hours before my ding dong,bonzai and not-so-yikes gf changing her status as a wifey.InsyaAllah,ill be on skype at 8 am precisely.I remind myself not to cry because this is not funeral referring to Sabby's quote before her solemnization last week.Oh congrats sabby!I can't wait to share the moment with Nor and Fiza.I rang her few mins ago and she's still on bed.

Me :"are you nervous?"

Fiza:"no,im so sleepy now.."

Me:"i'll c u in few hours..gosh,wake up la bride!"


So I rang Nor while she was on bed too.What on earth they still on bed at 8am.Sheesh.Anak daras nie:)

Nor:"ma,fiza is no longer so sad.pls come back".

:"me eitherrrrrr.can't believe she's getting married in 8 hours from now.I promise tak nangisskype nnt!"

Nor:"ma,pls don't make a will embarrass u because everyone is going to look at u.pls come back."

Me:"im nerrrrrvous.*breath in,breath out*

I better get going now.I have 7 hours to sleep before the *kaypoo* session.

Good luck babe.