Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I cannot resist myself to munch this & that today.From eating crackers,chocos,then pizza and finally Millies cookies Anis bought for me.The bad thing about eating junk food is im putting on weight.Haha.LMAO.

I was supposed to cook for Bun but due to Irish weather,I decided to stay at home instead.Sorry ok Bun.I'll cook my newly found recipe masak lemak cili api later.

Anyways,my bonzai gf Hafizah Nazaruddin is getting married this friday.We gonna on skype during the make up session as well as the solemnization.With the technology we have these days, it’s not hard to be part of her big day although im miles away.Sometimes I feel physically apart from my loved ones sucks big time because i miss the big day.But it doesnt matter.I want to witness my beloved gf changing her status to Mrs Iskander this friday 11/12/09.

Incase you come across this darling,I want u to know I am so happy for u and Isk.Im sorry Im not there to share the joy, all in one package.I definitely going to cry this friday.Remember,u are my choc on top of my ice cream.A friend whom I love so much and keep your red frame u gave to me before i left.Sob sob:(

your dear to the heart gf:)

p/s:Gemoknyerrrrrrrrrr I!