Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Family Man

Papa and I always argued.Yes,we have different kind of thoughts and I am very kiasu.Back in high school,he has been controlled me and hit me because I'm so rebellious and stubborn.He refused to give me a freedom of being teenagers.He dragged me to join Taekwondo,sent me to Abacus class and made my schedule packed with all sort of classes which I hate to the max.At that time,I haven't realised that he wants the best for her only daughter.He made me "mandi" air magazines" i bought,threw my perfumes into the dustbin because I obtained B's and C's in the exam.Sheeesh,papa was so strict.

So really,he has been hard on me during my teenagers and I have to obey him in anyway.But because of his strict-ness,his hard-ness and his contolled-ness,I won't be here and became a human.He made my life now,well at least I didn't turn out to be jerk.These few days,I haven't had chance to speak to him because he was busy attending this and that.

I rang him while he was on his way back home.We had long father-daughter conversation while he was driving.Mama had to hold the phone and made loud speaker.Likewise,he made his LAME-ANNOYING jokes,match made me with his friend's son and remind me not to spend on shopping.We both kept on laughing,yucking here and there and on the other hand,Mama was abandoned by us.Poor Mama.

Papa and I became a good friend since I entered Uitm.We sit together and discuss serious matter.Even if I have financial problem here,I didn't go to Mama instead.I'll send him an email then ring him.Mama always think Papa has spoilt me.Oh well,that's the privileged of being daddy's girl isnt it?Papa has agreed with my decision to go back for good.Yeay!Im so relieved but he gave me only a year probation.Sheeshhh 1 year only okaaay?

I can't wait to be back.Papa wants me to pursue professional exam in UK or Masters in Adelaide after 1 year probation.I prefer to study in Malaysia though!Hahaha.We'll see how it goes after that.I shall doa what's the best for now.I need a good experience in corporate world.Despite all that,I just want to be with my loved ones and friends.Terribly missing everyone:(

Thank you Papa.Adik sayangggg Papa alot and alot.Erggh,can i get extra money for boxing day?*COUGH*