Monday, 9 January 2012

Boat to sail

After a big fall,to be honest I am still battling to wake up.

The pains I had,still unbearable.I can easily break down till the whole body immune system shut down.I threw out,bad fever and headache.I took an mc which totally bad idea but I really need to have my time off to mend my broken heart.Having said that,I went to see my doctor asking for medicine.As she wrote list of medicines I have to consume for whole week,she told me to recite Yassin and repeat verses 58 : "Peace: a word from a Merciful Lord." to make myself more peaceful and calm.Amazing.It's really meaningful to have little guidance besides praying to Allah SWT to bestow me strong heart.A doctor is a life saver.

Moving on.

Mr Stranger and I have been going out numbers of time since we have been introduced.A friend I must say.A good friend indeed.A guy who changed my life tremendously and wakes me from my big fall .A friend who listens to my problems, a brother who makes an effort to call me everyday to ensure I am okay and step forward without looking back at my past.He reminds me to hit the gym everyday,to go on diet and honestly,it feels so great to have a buddy next to you reminding.Although I don't get to see him everyday due to work related and running errands,the best we could do is to ring and making fun of each other.

I have an issues to go out on date frankly speaking.The last time was 8 years ago on a proper date.So most of the time when we plan to go out,his friends will be there to join us.Up till now,I have met most of his RMC boys and other friends.Therefore no akward moments I have seen so far.The funny thing about him,he is so shy.He speaks few sentences while I speak like nobody business.I do the talk while he listens.

There are times when I found it very hard to jive in with another guy.I have made an attempt to blend it and slowly,I get comfortable and acknowledge the existence.Mr Stranger loves golf so much.He spends most of his time playing golf day and night.He speaks on golf while I speak on business which is totally opposite.Mr Stranger and I were in different world before.We never met nor have a connections before.

We don't go out purposely to develop the feelings.We are friends to be frank.Everyday, we tried to complete each other as a friend.I am still fixing my emotions and trying to get rid my past because it was awful.

Somehow,at the very beginning to embark this friendship,I found difficulties. How can a stranger becomes close and creating a conversation?How can I blend with his life?What is the family background looks like?What was his past?What topics shall I speak when we go out?What type of movies he fancy?What will happen next?Are we going to have feelings towards each other in future?Are we going to fall for each other or remain in friends zone?

Eventually,things went well since the very beginning although the friendship is too early to be justified.I symbolize the friendship we hold on as a boat.We ride in the same boat.Both of us are the navy and we are sailing in the same boat heading to our destination.I wouldn't know whether our journey will end at the same destination or not.At the moment,the least we could do is getting to know each other better.InsyaAllah.

A friend will do :)

Something to share with all of you:-

"Be thankful for what we have and create the moments we want to live in.So decide what is the best for you and be content with your life in the current and future.Don't waste your time waiting and build your dream.

Aim for the moon, atleast when u fall,u will fall among the sky......"

Jazzakallah Khair

Hugs and Kisses,