Sunday, 15 January 2012

I remember,

That akward moment when I first met you,
When I first spoke to you on the phone,
Where everything was so completely akward,
Which I was unsure where are we heading to..

I can't remember ,

When exactly the journey starts,

You were in the different world while I am the other side of the world,
We were stranger,and
I was never used to be happy until you came into the picture.

And so today,

You cheer me up with your laughs,
with your sincerity,
with the names you called me,
with the smiles you gave which brought unbound happiness
I love when I caught you looking at me then you smile and looked away.

We should have met 10 years ago,
So I won't hurt..

Maybe some people are meant to be in love but not meant to be together,
You made me believed there's another beautiful and wonderful rainbow somewhere out there,
To be seen and a boat to sail heading to our destination..

Thank you for being my tai-ti buddy,my coffee mate,mr-reminder,mr-relax ,mr-sarcastic,mr-i don't mind what movie, mr-funny and of course mr-golf is my hobby.

I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

hi akma!