Monday, 2 January 2012

Love Story 2


she engaged.Fairy is also one of my best girlfriends back in Dublin.She was the 1st person I knew when I arrived.My babe,my dearest London travel partner,my bff and list goes on.She has found her soon life partner and yesterday 01/01/12,I was there seeing her being booked as Syed Ali's fiance.After what she has gone through,bittersweet of relationships she had before,she finally engaged.Another phase of life.

Her love stories since I knew her back in 2007 was downhearted more than my experience.I saw her crying,broken hearted,puffy eyes.She is one strong babe.She moves on with her life without looking back.She finds her own happiness and in the end,her love story ended with happy ending.It feels so surreal.The beautiful engagement is so intimate.Us * the whole eire gang*,were there(Serene,Nuar,Amy,Tasha,Azza,Gee,Suria,Mex,Yana & Chadly).Reminds me thosedays,when everyone squeezed into my room.Imagine 7 of us in the room before fairy,serene and nuar going back for good.The room turned out to be upside down with 7 people squeezing in the room,watching movies.Arghh memories*sobs*

So much of dramas I have seen,she is now happily engaged to Syed Ali.This guy to be honest is one of a kind.Cheerful,funny and can blend with anyone.He speaks alot,he makes an effort to mix with us and he takes care of my Fairy in Singapore.Btw,they both working in Singapore.

Congratulation Love birds.Looking forward for the wedding soon.I am here to be part of it.