Saturday, 14 January 2012


Most of the time.we are unhappy because we keep on focusing on negative things and end up we are feeling lousy.Your emotions,whether happiness or anything else can be controlled by what you focus and what meaning you give to things.

As you can see,things don't make you happy.It is your perception and the meaning you give to those "things"that make you happy.Making yourself happy is easy.One easy rule you can set up for yourself is "If I am able to wake up in the morning,I will be happy".

I have arrived to one phase where everything was miserable and I don't feel happy with what I have to go through everyday.I was so vulnerable.I started to question myself,why can't I be happy?Why can't I live like other people.Why do I have to experience all these where I supposed to be happy all my life.I almost jeopardized my career and I almost questioned Allah,why Me??What is the purpose of life?Why my perfect love went wrong?

My twitter status were full with sadness and emotions.Everyone was keep on asking why am I torturing myself with unhappy status and reminiscing the bad memories I have gone through.Why can't I LOVE MYSELF more?

Eventually,I woke up from my battle.I can't surrender my life just because I lost in the battle in my previous relationship.Why can't I get over it because relationship is only part of happiness.
Instead of trying to acquire things and achieve goals in order to be happy.why don't I be happy while pursuing my goals?In other words,don't seek for happiness,it will happily seek you.So I swallowed all the pains even its hurtful.

Knowing how much I am worth of, and to be happy is simply by letting go all of my past is the best way to do.I managed to swallow it.I managed to more focus what I have and be grateful for it. Everyday I am trying to fix my emotions,adapt the reality and love myself more than anything else.After all,isn't the purpose of life is to be happy?

I am HAPPY the fact I have grown up and matured enough to deal this.Thank you Mr Stranger for making me happy everyday with all your silly jokes.We should have met 10 years ago.You are fun and funny to be with..I am enjoying time of my life and happy again.Thanks awak.

Happiness is on its way,

Cherish the moment :-


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Akmaelinda said...

thanks.have a good time reading.