Monday, 2 January 2012

Love Story 1

Alyani & Dr Azlan

Yes,Els got married.She and Azlan were happily married on 8th December 2011,Thursday.The ceremony was held at Concorde,Shah Alam.Followed by reception on 11th December at the same place.I have been trying to fix my time to write about them but due to some errands,I decided to publish it in 2012.

Els and I acquainted in Dublin.She was my good friends back in Dublin.One of the best girlfriends I had in Dublin.There were so many memories we shared.The joy,laughter,sad and she is one of my life saver as well as my miss A-Z designer's brand freak.

Back to the wedding,we were extremely excited (i mean the gang*) for her wedding.Ups and down went to the tailor to ensure our baju kurung tailored.Els is married.Changing her status from Cik Fatimah Alyani Shahirah to Puan Alyani.I couldn't believe she is now a wife to Dr Azlan,a guy whom she met in Dublin.

Their love story is really amazing.How they met,how Azlan chased for her and how he proposed was wonderful.Well,Azlan actually proposed her under the Eiffel Tower and guess what,Els has been telling us thosedays that she wants her future husband to propose her in Paris.Dream comes true?YES.

Els has never been in a relationship all her life until she met Azlan.She and Marina are always in the "single club"for the past 24 years.I was told Azlan spotted Els when she was about to leave Penny's at Dublin 1.From that moment.Azlan has been on and off chasing her.He went straight to see El's parents,determined to tackle her no matter what and never give up.

Azlan determination captured El's heart.Els decided to accept him and within 6 months of together,Els been hitched.Quick isn't it?That's what we called fate.And after a year,they got married in a beautiful ceremony.Els has made a right choice to marry a guy who fall in love with her (LOVE AT THE FIRST SIGHT),who wants to grow old with her and wants to be her companionship forever.

As for us (the gang*),we are incredibly delighted to see her marrying to a trustworthy guy who we strongly believed Azlan won't waste her.During the solemnization,we girls were appointed to be the dulang girls and usher.We ran here and there ensure the event went smoothly.I even tweeted every now and then to keep everyone updated in twitter.

To my dearest Alyani,CONGRATS again newly wed.You both are meant for each other.Good Luck in treasuring new phase of life.Marriage is a new beginning of life which I am sure you both will be amazing parents to the babies.

Your bims Kems will always loves u Els.So marina!