Sunday, 13 January 2008

im in LOVE.

i finally have watched this so-nak sgt-tgk movie after reading the book.well i skipped reading it alot but atleast i know abit.hihi;p.sgt words could define the sweet in this love story plus ader ireland okay so gonna plan my road trip before i heading back to msia during summer.jgn tak tau i dah fall in love wit IRELAND.sgtlah beautiful.Ya ALLAH how can i say no this beautiful creature.ALLAH knows best.after watched this movie,i awake from my past.yes,life must go on.past will always be THE PAST.chewah;p
fyi,i cried when she still assumed yg the husband is there but overall i enjoyed this i watched it with fairy n nana.bun,esah and adik supposed to tag in but due to tix habis,they went to watch st trinian..i loved this movie so muchos eventhough not exactly like the book.u never know that one day u will lost sumone u love for long time.
however there is one thing i disagree ok.fairy knew it.i hate the fact she have sex wit the irish guy after few months her husband died.mana bole??if u deeply in LOVE with sum1 and u cant forget it,u shouldnt have sex wit another person.haish..that's wat mat salleh do kan?so excuse it if we r muslim.tapiii..ok,i sgt lah NARROW MINDED.
watever it is,i dah fall in LOVE.make me love ireland more n more coz its such a beautiful place to stay although i found it very me,i dah fall in love.its only the place not the person.nahhh..not relationship im talking about.too many things to pk at the mo.
mama called me just now.complaining yg her sms tak smp to me yday nite.she wonder why la celcom not good in msging.sbr la mommy.adik misses u so much,dgr suara pun jadilah.papa in his class mengaji.cant wait to webcammie soon with them psl this movie and wat i exactly have plan after i watched the movie.i still cant forget mase i watched movie CINTA with mama at sunway coz we have nothing to do at the end,mama n i menangis coz sgt lah touching tak terkata.
ok ppl,im writing too much.all i can say,i had splendid weekend wit the girls.minum at starbukcs and movie-ing eventhough im not into MOVIEing except wit mama n papa...saya dah miss family sungguh.
till then:)


hafizaHeHe said...

im narrow minded too laa.. few months tu baru sgt.. x bley ditrime la..hihi.. sungguh mahu tgk this muvie

jannac said...

ala i nak tgk the movie also!! i dh baca the book, sooooo sweet!!! ahh cant wait!!

juicy yan said...

heee I like this.
Btw, yours is sweet too!