Friday, 4 January 2008

snowy blowwy!

u ols,
dublin snowwwyyy ok but tak-jadi snow pun.more into air la kan!,okay,im not going out for shop lagi commencing fr today.these few days habiskan duit tok bershop.u know la kan when it comes to good bargain i became INSANE.imagine la when u c the baju ol 1 euro-20 euro.hellllll cheap!but again,im broke..
my FA assignment must be ready by 10jan.50% more to go and im,costing and law coming up after dat.hahaha;p.letih okay.
my dearest akma and asma's birthday is coming up this month.sorry dear cannot be there fr u girls to suprise and hug u r getting older.blueek;p.well dear,nnt we make belated birthday for everybody and celebrate like we always do!miss u cik nurul akmar.(sometimes awesome sgt when ur bestie pun had the same name as urs ok!) and asma's sisters too.omg.missing this 2 january babies alot.akmaaaaa & asmaaaaaaaaa!