Sunday, 20 January 2008

look what i found

i found ol dis in ali's face book.sengals ok.millions sorry coz my london pics byk kat dier since he claimed his CAMERA canggih than mine hokaaay..

in the bus after penat bershop during boxing day.on our way for dinner.busted!

coffee-ing at hse of fraser cafe' after penat before moving on!

fairy and i with the londoners:)

picaddily with acap and ali

nana,ali,acap and i
the architecture is amazing.*royal albert hall*


fAirY said...

wahhh.. pics kiter kat London wit Ali and Usop! We should go to London again and super-bully d guyz again!!!! ahhahahahaaa.. :P :P :P

juicy yan said...

oh I love London! :)