Monday, 7 January 2008


i feel like going home now
i want to place my heart where i belong to
i need mama by myside
i need my friends to comfort me
i wish i can turn back time

im burdening my parents
im such a loser
i hate to use their money
i hate the fact im 23 and still need their help
i hate that they pay for my car
i hate that im not independent

i am baby
i am sister
but at the end i became 4 years old kid

i shouldnt choose this place
i choosed the wrong path
i blamed myself for the things i so-called- wanted before
i cried for a stupid reason
coz im not a good decision maker

at times i dun exist
at times i exist in another part of world
at times i loosing my soul
at times i wish i can turn back time

p/s:i have mixed feelings at the mo.

dun be silence reader.cum on;(


aysha said...

dear,be strong ok....dats normal u r just 23,im sure ur parents will ustand the only way for u to repay to them is ur successfull life...once u sucess in life im sure thats happy enough for them...sumday u will pay ur car,ur parent car and ur own hse using ur own money...dats ur dream to study abroad and now its infront of u so u should not turning back...go n work for it..ething will b me sweetheart..luv u...take care darl...

fAirY said...

babe, I know u miss ur parents so much. n ur frenz back in malaysia. but seriously, u r doing well. a LOT better!

Now u learn how to cook :) I'll teach u some of my easy recipe. NOTHING like nana's but ok laaa.. ;) I love ur meatballs! I do! XD

N u worked so hard b4 we went to London. All bcoz u dun wanna use ur parents money for the trip. U r such a good daughter to them. 1 n only :)

N rite now, here in Dublin, u haf ME! :D heheheee... Whenever u feeling down or sad or worried or happy etc, u can alwiz talk 2 me. I'm alwiz here.

Dun worry too much. By coming here, u dun make a mistake. It is a way of changing urself becoming more independent, a good daughter, u learn new stuffs, u learn how people's brain really work!

There's 1 thing I 4got to tell u last nite while u told me about THAT girl. Tell her to fuck off! Hahahahahahhaaaaa..... ;)

Love u babe! Muaxxx!!!

shle3pyb4by said...

apa cerita??? sangat menyedihkan... :)
cheer up!

syaygcomey said...

im ere lalink...namo sad2 to jervis k!!!

juicy yan said...

hey there :)
since being a silent reader is no no good at all ;p
so i decided to leave a message!
first time reading your blog, just wanna say "hang in there girl"


Yan Lim