Saturday, 12 January 2008


im such a bad bad blogger.the last updates was monday n now its saturday!hello sat:))*ssigh*.i had fever since monday.the whether is very cold n windy plak i sakit lah lagiiii..just bought blower coz heather coz me the bomb i guess.sungguh kasihan kan?

nothing new about me except these few days im down bcoz i pissed of when some1 had broken my ok!~.well lets cut it.i had awful fever n flu smp kan my roomie n nana had taken care of me giler2.they forced me to take panadol,vitamins and drink hot water.oh,arent they sweet?i know:).thanks nana n elina for taking care of me while im fevered.jasamu dikenang.

i browsed kema's page.she went shopping at spore ok.jelesssssssssssssssssssss!!aysha u make sure save cuti tok i so we can go shop in spore toooo.i'll drag kema ,lala and umi.oh dear.mcm dublin tak der mall kan?hahahhaha.tapi saya still nak g spore jugak!mauuuuu.look at kema n liyana's pic.sgt la hotness!

p/s:i didnt watch ps i love u mvie lagiiiiiii....but haf read the book.sgt sweettt:))
till then.


L a L a said...

busuk...thay all pegi hari jumaat, plus i x sempat mintak cuti :( so,,x dpt ikut hahaha... btw, u balik we go to perhentian/redang k.. i tanya zia nanti.