Monday, 26 May 2008

Glory Man U

hello LOVIES!

oh well,i've got back fr manchester last week but due to internet connection,i didnt manage to update the blog;p.the trip sgt BESTTTTT!!the host,deena was super good.she brought me jalan2 and accompanied by a friend of hers,omar who drove baby merc and he drove us all the way.i loved,my dream uni back in msia was Manchester Metropolitan Uni so i got excited to be in Manchester.went crazy shopping in the shop at old trafford bcoz having fanatic MU's Fan daddy and guy friends who giler about MU,so terpaksa la kan.LOLs;p

Deena brought me to Font Bar on the 1st nite which near her place.oh yea,her place is in the city which easy to go for a walk.Old Trafford centre pun lawa ok.the design more into middle east but the food court interior mcm titanic.lawak kan?had lunch 3 diff places thai restaurant,JATI(owned by malaysian) & Nandos(the last time i had kat london).

did i blab too much?i upload some of the pics.cant wait for next trip to leinchester.birm.sheffield and notts.Lalalala.the pics means thousand words isnt?mls nak upload byk2.i'll update the pics if i have time bcoz im moving house in june and have to pack my thingy to go back!

pinky MU's cap;p

dream Uni but ended in Dublin.lols

Deena and Omar

curi-curi amik.

titanic at trafford centre

outside the stadium

in the middle between rooney and whoever the playar name

Glory MAN Uni!

Old Trafford

Deena and i!

Font Bar with deena and strangers menyibok!

ttyl lovies:)


The Juicy Bunny said...

waaaaaahhhhh i like the pink MU cap!!!! so envy you to be at Manchester. So wanna go there soon.

pRinceSs mieRa said...

jealous jealous jealous !!!! babe, you're supposed to be studying over there not travelling around..haha..gila jealous kay..didn't know that Deena's there as well..oh well, haf fun while u're at it..daa!