Thursday, 15 May 2008

Handbags Freaks.

Marc Jacobs wallet been in my dream since i saw it at selfridges during boxing day in London.Fairy and nana didnt allow me to buy bcoz its not worth.dat is so true.i went broke in london if i buy dat small thingy.itu pun i left 1 pound in london although didnt buy dat designer's.ha ha.take a look at the wallet.adorable isnt?only dream.dream akma dream;p

Well, I've been admiring LV's speedy monogram mini lin too.super cool for teenagers like me*lol* if its apply for my age lah.haa haaa;p.its only a dream.dream akma dream!i only can see fr outside of pockets only left few euros and no way to buy such an expensive baggie like dat.tak layakkk cost 490 euros(if im not mistaken).

I know i cudnt demand more and only a money,no stable job and no permanet income dat i can i keep all the dreams inside.tak per la.Insyaallah ader rezeki,i'll buy it when i have bunch of monies!
daaa lovies<33


Sabrina^ladeedah said...

i looove that marc jaacobs purse fooh...birthday comin soon tau:P hihi

akmaelinda said...

mine too!
eh nak pesan apa nieh.i nak balik legging?