Tuesday, 13 May 2008


A friend of mine,Rizal sent me an email inviting me to his wed on the 1 st June.That's so surprising!Well,i knew him through Umno Camp years ago.This Abg Auditor was very good bro to me.You go Bro!Congrats and im happy for u.My doa for u and ur wifey.So sad cudnt attend his wedding.I always made jokes yg im gonna meet bf during his wed.gonna miss it!ouchhh.

I have been waiting for che in and her beautiful gf,effa to tie knot too.Hopefully their wedding during my holidays so i cud attend smbil menyelam.hahhaa;p."merenyeh" i nieee.Im certainly mencuci mata ok.ha ha.

Yday i went lunch at yamamori with Sun Bin and Tasya.Its classmates luncheon.Had minor shop for cousins and mine too.Today makan lagi yamamori with bun coz of her malas-ness to go work.haish.been eating seafood yaki soba again and again.gemok la i okaayyhhh:))

Nothing to update anyways.i just want to share my happy feelings towards rizal's wedding.