Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Sex and the city

i am so so excited!i have been waiting for the sex and the city movie coming out is the premiere and planning to go watch it tomorrow with bun.yeay!!ya-bedabedooo!!oh well,i admire the fashion in the series especially miranda's.we look alike arent we?PERASAAAANNN!OMG;P

hurm,i didnt start packing up my things yet didnt manage to fin the book"take a look at me now" by anita bcoz it sucks and i exchange with another books.oh yea,i have complete set of SHOPAHOLIC it though!had finished reading can u keep a secret,on my way to fin ties a knot and i have 4 more by sophie kinsella's.(abroad,baby,sister,dreamworld).tapi,know wat,i tak baca lagi bridesmaid,bad behaviour,the truth will out and book by sarah webb which i bought months ago.buruk perangai kan?tamak like can finish reading cepat while i mmg slow.

im counting days to go no.lama lg 2 months lagi kot.huahahahhaa.i wanna let all the gfs and bfs waiting and wondering when im coming smiling when i read an sms they sent telling me how muchos they miss me so i cud bocorkan my date to pulang.ha ha;-0.there is no no way to tell!i cant wait to c them actually.i just cant..lets count the days till im home ok kawan2??

btw,fairy's burrpday this fri.dier sombong tak nak date dgn i!lols.moving my biggie ass now.


The Juicy Bunny said...

When i get there i surely call you alright. maybe going to ausie but not Dublin but we see how one day :)
weekend shopping at UK? wow, sound so gooooodddd!!!!! I really want to pesan but dunno what should i pesan. if i have anything i will let you know okay?
cant wait to see you back here la. been talking online but never met you face to face :)

The Juicy Bunny said...

I pun looking forward to watch this movie. started watching sex and the city since in high school. haaa gatal kan?

oh la la girls said...

girl, i need your number! do reply

fAirY said...

:P i bukan sombong laa.... u tu yg sombong. asyik keje jee... mater duitan sungguh. hahahahaaa....

so coz u keje sungguh2 sgt, jgn luper beli present BESAR tuk i ;)