Monday, 12 May 2008

Happy Momma's Day

Sunday 11 May

Happy Mummy's day.Its momma's day but im not there to give her a hug and its sucks coz i cried after i called her the nite i told her the card will received late due to my lambat-ness.she told me papa made her surprised and she got pwezie.jealous nyer:0. Happy Mummy's day mama,mayama,mamito,mum,momma<-i called her few names.adik misses u here.thanks for the love and strength u gave to me.adik loves u alot alot.none can replace counting my days till i go home to hug her,to shop with her,to tell her my never ending story....mama,u r the queen of my heart:).i sent 2 cards to my 2 beloved aunties too.missing them alot bcoz my life is lifeless without them.i love my cik ja and cik akma so so muchos!and to all the mother's out there,HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

i woke up with a grumpy mode after received a call from times,i cud be *moody* under circumstances.i have a great chat with her talking about this and that.thank u dear.i love u sgt.tak puas bercakap dgn u.well,keep the stories smp i balik.and there is no way to find when im coming i said,i nak buat u pengsan seeing me!and lala,sbr la k darl,i'll be back soon.Ya ALLAH i serious rindu u ols.

exams is jalan-jalan activity starts next week.i have no clue wat to current mission is to finish my books.well today,monday is the best time to go get some fresh air at the thinking to melepak at the park while reading.isnt dat cool?we'll c how many pages i manage to finish entah -entah few pages then mencuci mata.ha ha;p

still figuring out what to buy for friends and family for one for mama at BT.ini smua fairy's idea.she bought her mum a bag and hers and ended giving me idea to buy for mama too.probably i'll be buying papa next week after i balik from manchester.thankies fairy for the brilliant idea smp berebot dgn mak cik gemok tua at BT.ader ke nak berebot while u can get a new piece.haish.ppl are so impulsed ok.geram!!bukan nyer lawa then had dinner wit esah,bun and datin marina + fairy at medina.hello datins,we need to do it often the datin's gossips arent we?ha ha;p

im off to take a shower now.i cannot sleep well lagi.need some beauty sleep but the eyes cannot commit.poyo nyer.till then ppl.will update the "TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOW".just started reading it today.

till then lovies:))