Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Nasi lemak Dundee


Ive been craving for nasi lemak quite sometimes.thankies nizam for the nasi lemak all the way fr dundee scotland although he cooked at my hse.seriously yummylicious!looking forward to go nizam's place soon.


Been pissed off with some s*** happened.its the matter of respect and courtesy.i put it aside coz i dun want to bother my semangat waja to study.heh.u know lah final year is about hardworking and hell-lo,final year is tougher!


I have been in the class for the past 3 weeks.tried to push myself to wake up early in the morn so i have the "mood".ha ha.Lecturer:James Brown is like the cutest FR's teacher but still no one can even beat James Keneddy my fav Finance teacher in year 2.heh.i tried not to mix up my personal probs with pls doakan im in the right track.i wanna get 1st class honours like my clown roomie,elina.


Lets keep in the book 1st.very complicated.i burried all the feelings for the sake of my studies.


Missing the girlfriends and bffs in msia.i wish Malaysia is few mins from Dublin.i can lepak 24/7 and tell them how bored i am.pfft.


I need Mama the middle of vulnerable and need her soulder to cry on.

This entry is pointless=p