Monday, 1 December 2008

By Mocca

i loved all Mocca can make me SNOOZING and smile till next morn:)very smoothing and in love with the indons.hehe.

missing thosedays watching jazz performance at alexis & bangkok jazz.hence i miss the atmosphere at lecka-lecka star hill,mali's keuy teow,murni's meatballs,chilis chicken crispers and kopok lekooorrrrrrr...everything seemed to be missed.baru 3 months balik!Oh mr winter,hurry up.i want to end 2008 as soon as possible and cant wait for,i wanna go home:(


SyahirahSaid said...

makcikkkkkk I adooooore Mocca! Eyh nk balik? jom la balik. i balik next month hihi.

Akmaelinda said...

jahatttt nyer mak cik!
i ader millions of assignment!!nak tlg?