Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Can't wait!

Pian is coming down fr london tmrw!i seriously can't wait.i know he misses acap and i!lols.kesian dier.ali pegi dublin tak ajak here he comes!hehehe.a crazy friend i ever have!miera,if u r reading this,remember the nite we both went out with ali,pian,fiq and aus.u guys wasted!hahahaha;p

oh well last weekend,fairy's good friend pie' came all the way fr sheffield to visit us.had great time entertaining him.oh yea.elina has left for malaysia for a all alone in the room.heh.i surely drag tasha to stay with me coz im scared of DARk.pffft.

Currently bz juggling with studies which i can tell 2.4 paper and my finance II is so diff.Finance II hell-susah (complicated).im gonna spend my christmas in Dublin brainstorming and not in London to shop.No boxing day for this year.pity me;( wish saya LUCK!



Miera said...

more than wasted babe..daym ! those were the days...miss that..

pRinceSs mieRa said...

more than wasted babe ! those were the days..miss that..