Friday, 26 December 2008

Xmas update!

I have been eating like mad on christmas.aaaargh,there goes my diet.imagine i have 2 houses in row to attend the dinner.had potluck at jervis house which served whole chicken,mashed potatoes,bolognese and dumpling.then at clanbee i had lasagna,bihun soto and ketupat.burrrpp.i am full though!well,im fasting to shop in london for boxing day this year.papa and mama didnt allow me to go i guess tmrw im only fooling around in Dublin on boxing day.window here and there.ha ha;p



more pictures,facebook okayh?im off to watch goodie movies on tv.heading to fairy's place lil bit late.need to webcam-mie with papa and mama!
Merry xmas and Happy new year lovies!Awal Muharam in few days,hope new islamic year brings prosperious and bless:)