Sunday, 7 December 2008

Salam Aidil Adha

The whole family gathered on Eid Adha without me again.I managed to hide my tears and 3 hours of webcammie session made me smile and there were so many things to chat.nasib the internet connection was superb.Thumbs up!U know lah i never keep secret from my aunties and uncles so i told them what i've been up to,gossips here and there(anak beranak talking).i miss talking to them terribly. only god knows how much i love them.oh they were wearing gold colour as the theme.i jealous sgt ok!feel like going home now!haish.well,Slmt hari raya everyone.I'll be in Audit class on raya.Hahaha.

my fav aunt,cik jah
daddy love!
ayah cik,retard cousin azri & hanis
bubbly cousin hasya & azri.wah hanis berhijab and my bubu gemok behind;p
naked hanis and aunt akma.mcm nak cubit hanis!geramsss.
mummy dearest and si busok.
"hanis was asking my permission to play my polly pocket"
all the busoks before they dolled up.
well,thats about it.I wish im there celebrating with the family and i definitely being the kaypooh sister. i swear i'll be yelling at the cousins.hahahhaa;p
off to bed now and hoping to dream the cousins and family.
taaa love!


SyahirahSaid said...

Bersyukurlah u ada class audit... I ada exam ok.

tak de feel raya langsung!

Anonymous said...

i rindu you