Friday, 19 December 2008


Despite of skipping class this morn,im excited to have long break which only 2 weeks and spend more time reading school books.Excuse for being geek but i really need to revise for the past 3 months chapters.A definite,must and compulsory.Insyaallah.

Pian has safely arrived last nite.Acap and i picked him up at the airport.We waited him for an hour before he went out from the bluddy door.Hish.Went back to Acap's place and played cards until 2 am.That is the reason i "ponteng" my fav classes today.I felt very bad.Blame Pian for all those!heh;p

Aysha's birthday is coming up.Sedihnyer i can't be there to surprise her(this is 2nd year!) but im happy the fact she and her beloved Khaidyr r content together.No words can define her happiness now:))

Btw,i miss Liyana so muchos.Babe!im not sure whether u have time to read this,i RINDU u yg teramat.infact i have letter FOR u but i keep it until Vday to send with the card.Wonder what r u doing now:(

I better get going.Tax tutorial at 2pm.I have to catch up the 2 hours class just now.Tonite i have class mengaji at clanbee with Cikgu Din.Oh well,have to brush up baca Quran.Plus Din used to teach org mengaji back in Malaysia.

Happy Friday lovies!
Taaa =D


The Juicy Closet said...

Babe, looks like you are missing home so much awww. You take care there okay. It will just take a little while more then you will come home for good :D

Miss you!

SyahirahSaid said...

kelas mengaji?? dengan din? seriously? wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.