Monday, 1 December 2008


I had splendid weekend.Had all yummylicious malaysian food since wednesday.Been very bz entertaining elina's mum & dad.Hihi.Oh yea,went out with mr tall guy today after brought elina's parent out.Catching up each other and likewise dragged him to take pictures.Sgt pemalu-la-weyh.Well thats about it.FYi,Elina became best student of the year for DBS on her convo.Im glad she got the award after all her effort she has put,its worth!Congrats clown!Btw,my konon straight hair wasnt "menjadi".hahahha;p
Funny ok;p.More pictures,facebook la pls:)

distracting him driving;p

cik lut and tasha

im proud of u clown!
before i forgot,do read this mumble jumble thing done by faizal-job-less;p
*off to bed now.Audit at 10am then have 2 hours of Finance.My research still dun complete yet.Now im scared.Dah Dah.TTYL lovies<333*